Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Review – Pros, Cons, Verdict

Samsung is among the most sought after smartphone brands in India, and for good reason. The company has several balls in the air and between the affordable M series, the premium A series and the flagship S and Z smartphone lineup, the brand releases more phones to count on either hand each year. It’s no surprise that the company has amassed a loyal fan base in India and the brand hopes to lure more users to its doorsteps with the all-new Samsung Galaxy A73 5G, which offers an impressive array of cameras, among other things. I managed to get my hands on the unit and that’s what I do.

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Inside information

There is nothing wrong with the Galaxy A73 5G for anything but a Samsung phone. The company stuck to the “if it ain’t broke” philosophy and as a result, it designed the smartphone in a similar way to its predecessor(s). In contrast, the Galaxy A73 5G also uses a polycarbonate build, which during my time with the phone has felt fairly sturdy and durable. And while the design doesn’t feel as luxurious as competing glass-back devices like the iQOO 9 (Review) or OnePlus 9RT (Review), the Galaxy A73 5G cuts a great package nonetheless.

To get smart, the device is available in a plethora of attractive colors, including a pastel mint hue that looks attractive, to say the least. The brand has also revamped the camera module to make the Galaxy A73 5G stand out from the A series phones. In fact, you’ll notice that unlike the Galaxy A72’s lineup of cameras, the ones on the Galaxy A73 5G sit more elegantly on the back of the phone. Add to that the phone’s color-matched bezel and the Galaxy A73 5G will undoubtedly get its fair share of compliments every time you take it out of your pocket.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Review - Pros, Cons, Verdict

I would add that the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G comes with an IP67 certification, which is rather rare on phones under Rs 50K. On top of that, the phone’s screen is also covered with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5, which should prevent scratches and scuffs. And while the phone towers above most devices in its price category, the phone is reasonably sleek and lightweight at 181 grams. So much so that I can comfortably use the device with one hand after spending some time with it. From now on, the phone comes with a fast in-display fingerprint sensor, which works in tandem with the smartphone’s convenient albeit challenging facial recognition technology.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Review - Pros, Cons, Verdict

Unfortunately, the smartphone complies with the standards and ignores the headphone jack as well. However, the device has a dual speaker setup, which is loud and provides ample stereo separation, paving the way for an enjoyable media consuming experience. On the other hand, the tactile feel of the unit is very soft and I didn’t enjoy typing on the phone much.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Review - Pros, Cons, Verdict

Fortunately, the smartphone comes with a great screen that will elevate your movie watching experience significantly. In terms of specifications, the screen measures 6.7 inches, provides FHD + resolution and is supported by Super AMOLED Plus technology. The screen is also flat, so you also don’t have to deal with color distortion or accidental touches. It turns out that the device offers a fast refresh rate of 120Hz, which means that the phone not only renders in-app animations smoothly, but can also make the most of games like Alto’s Odyssey, which run at 120fps.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Review - Pros, Cons, Verdict

That’s not all, the panel gets plenty of brightness at 800 nits as well, and you can even stream HDR content to your phone via OTT services like Netflix. All said and done, buyers looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G will not be disappointed with the phone’s display.


On the topic, the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 778G processor that works in tandem with LPDDR4x RAM and UFS 2.2 storage. Now, before you head off on your flight, let me clear the air around the smartphone’s performance chipset. As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G is not as fast as the competing SD888/888+ supported devices. Whatever the case, the smartphone still performs strongly and you will immediately benefit only from the 8-series chip in the gaming department. For intelligence, the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G can run BGMI at HDR graphics and Ultra FPS preset, or smooth graphics and Extreme FPS settings. On the other hand, the OnePlus 9RT, as well as the iQOO 9 – which cost the same despite being equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 and 888+ processors respectively – can stream game at 60 frames per second with graphics set to an HDR preset.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Review - Pros, Cons, Verdict

The scene remains unchanged in other graphically demanding titles like CoD Mobile and Genshin Impact as well. Understandably, avid gamers may shy away from Samsung’s latest releases, but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that the device is a capable daily driver. In fact, I didn’t experience any major performance issues during my time with the phone – apps opened quickly, the phone could switch between a bunch of utilities at once and there was no noticeable drop in frames even after playing resource-hungry games like BGMI for 45 minute on the set. The smartphone clearly handles continuous workloads admirably, which is further demonstrated by the degree to which the CPU throttling, the Galaxy A73 5G dropped to just 92 percent of its peak performance, which is mind-boggling to say the least. Appreciation. Not surprisingly, the phone’s efficient processor contributes to the Galaxy A73 5G’s battery life as well. In fact, I was able to get a full day’s use of the phone with the screen set to 120Hz. Now, you can drain 5000mAh of the phone faster if you play a lot of games, but for the most part, most people won’t be worried about the battery with the A73 5G in their pocket.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Review - Pros, Cons, Verdict

As for the software, the device is running Android 12 with OneUI v4.1 layer on top. The interface is a block with interesting features and utilities, including a dedicated theme store, support for lots of on-screen gestures on and off, a secure folder to keep your personal data away from prying eyes and much more. However, I’m not a big fan of the bloatware and duplicate apps that come bundled with most Samsung phones. On the bright side, most third-party apps can be uninstalled from the suite, and the device will also be eligible for four years of operating system upgrades, which is great.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Review - Pros, Cons, Verdict

Samsung has pulled all the stops for the Galaxy A73 5G in the camera department. In fact, the smartphone is the first Galaxy A series phone to ship with a 108MP primary camera. Additional sensors include a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera, a 5MP depth camera, a 5MP macro camera, and a 32MP selfie camera. I should also point out that the device supports OIS as well, which means you should be able to shoot smooth videos via the A73 5G’s main sensor.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Review - Pros, Cons, Verdict

Obviously, the phone’s camera spec sheet sounds like a dream, so are the sensors really that good? Well, let’s start with the photos captured by the phone’s primary sensor. Now, like most Samsung phones, the Galaxy A73 5G can wow you with stunning still photos, especially during the day. In fact, shots clicked in a well-lit environment showed excellent detail around the center of the frame. The dynamic range in the shots was also pleasing, and the device didn’t crush shadows in the darker parts of the composition either, which is great. However, the sharpness of the angle of the objects in the frame leaves something to be desired. In fact, if you look at the shot of the back of my apartment complex, you’ll notice that the papers on both sides of the frame look quite smooth. What’s more, the colors look like they’ve been manipulated, and the phone is clearly turning up the hues to make an Instagram-ready photo.


On the other hand, the phone’s ultra-wide angle sensor took excellent photos with a wide field of view. Now, it is very common for the phone’s assist sensor to introduce noise into the frame, even during the day. While the Galaxy A73 5G is no exception to the rule, I’m glad the device remained grainy in the shots under examination. And you should know that the sensor exchanges colors more authentically as well. Going further, the smartphone’s macro sensor can take great close-up photos with excellent detail too, however, I would advise buyers who have a knack for microscopy to check out MicroLens-equipped devices as well, as they allow users to get even closer to the subject.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Review - Pros, Cons, Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy A73 5G doesn’t disappoint in the selfie department either. First, the device can extract a lot of information, thanks to its 32-megapixel sensor. Moreover, you can disable all the beautification and skin smoothing features to take a realistic photo as well. Now, notice that the subject’s skin tone is swinging in favor of slightly warmer tones but the shots are full of excellent facial detail. The scene remains unchanged when you click selfies with the device as well, whether it’s the bokeh effect around the subject’s face, or the overall sharpness of the composition, you’ll find plenty to like in the photos taken from the Galaxy A73 5G’s front camera.

Finally, let’s talk about the low-light shots taken from the phone. Now, like most other devices, the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G also comes with a dedicated night mode that can bring out more detail in any shot. Having said that, I have noticed that the sensor suffers from light cutoff from bright light sources, such as a street lamp. On the other hand, the photos had little noise in the frame, and the photos had abundant detail as well.

Final verdict

The Samsung Galaxy A73 5G starts at Rs 41,999 and for the price, it gets more than a few things right. Firstly, the device is among the rare breeds of Android phones priced under Rs 50k to be shipped with an IP rating. Moreover, the device also looks good and is relatively lightweight as well. More importantly, the phone is equipped with a capable processor that can not only handle everyday tasks effortlessly, but can also play games at respectable graphics settings.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Review - Pros, Cons, Verdict

This does not mean that the phone is perfect. In fact, you can get significantly faster Android with a premium design for the same price or less. Furthermore, unlike the competition, the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G doesn’t ship with a fast wired charger in the box, and the phone’s wired charging speeds pale in comparison to the competition as well. Whatever the case, the device offers a capable camera array and what is quite possibly, the most accurate custom skin on any Android phone right now. Add to that a long software update roadmap for the phone and the Galaxy A73 5G won’t disappoint, provided you keep your gaming expectations in check.

Editor’s Rating: 3.5 / 5


  • amazing screen
  • IP67 تصنيف rating
  • able performer
  • good phone camera
  • Long-term software update roadmap


  • slow charging speeds
  • expensive
  • Not as fast as the competition

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