NAACP Partners With To Increase Black Midterm Voter Turnout

The NAACP is partnering with to register and mobilize black voters ahead of the midterm elections to boost voter turnout and address new restrictions on voting in nearly two dozen states.

The partnership will include training NAACP volunteers on digital tools offered by, a nonpartisan voting platform.

NAACP President Derek Johnson said voter engagement is “essential” for both the organization and the United States, in light of what he called “direct attacks” on American democracy.

“There will be a special focus in the target countries, because the barriers to access and the effectiveness of capital have been high,” Johnson said. “But overall, we want people to participate, to interact. We want to increase the number of people who vote and not allow those who seek to limit access to voting to achieve success.”

Last year, 19 states enacted restrictive voting rules, many of which disproportionately affect black voters, according to an analysis by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law. The analysis also determined that seven states made it easier for election officials to purge voter lists.

The NAACP says it has more than two million activists in all 50 states.

“We’re trying to use technology to make this happen so that disadvantaged voters can access the democracy they need and deserve,” said Andrea Healy, CEO of “When you have a high, high turnout and large numbers of people voting, attacks on democracy are less likely to succeed.” staff will begin training NAACP classes this month In how to use the site to verify registrations and register to vote, as well as verify polling locations, order mail-in ballots in some states and notify young people to register to vote on their 18th birthday. says it helped more than 4.2 million people register to vote in 2020.

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