CryptoDATA Tech Developer XIDEN Blockchain Announced As Official Official Sponsor of Austrian MotoGP™ GP – Bitcoin News Press Release

Press release. CryptoDATA Tech has been announced as the main sponsor of the Austrian Grand Prix in 2022, 2023 and 2024. CryptoDATA Tech will top the billing at the Red Bull Ring – Spielberg, which will be officially named the CryptoDATA Motorrad Grand Prix von Österreich, sponsoring one of MotoGP’s most talented racers ™, Jorge Martin. Data encryption, is a Romanian company that develops high-performance products and services with unique cybersecurity features applicable in different fields due to its integrated features based on blockchain technology and cryptography with an environmentally friendly approach. By offering unique projects and customized products, CryptoDATA meets both the needs of its partners and the needs of technology users around the world.

CryptoDATA Tech, the official sponsor of MotoGP™ Austrian GP, ​​recently launched a new blockchain architecture called Shedin It aims to introduce a new Internet concept consisting of multiple decentralized networks that act as a single network connection to nodes governed by individual users. Therefore, Xiden can easily be considered a new method of mining within an ecosystem that enables decentralized resource use, and is compatible with everyone ETH standards, and it features low power consumption, which makes it a go-to place for users who prefer the sustainable and eco-friendly architectures available in the blockchain world. To this end, mining on the Xiden blockchain is achieved using multifunctional devices developed by CryptoDATA, but all other smart devices can be integrated into the network’s Smart Distribution Layer (SDR) so that their resources can be used to enhance mining power.

The first project developed on Xiden is called Edain, an AI-powered knowledge creation ecosystem that provides equal access to actionable knowledge. Two sentiment analysis applications have been developed within this ecosystem, which are applications that integrate multiple indicators to analyze the projects available in the market: Decision Point Crypto (Crypto Top 100 Marks Analysis) and Decision Point (SP500 Component Analysis).

Through the XIDEN project, CryptoDATA promotes digitization and the creation of innovative technology projects and invites developers to create their own projects on Xiden in order to meet the needs of as many people as possible around the world.

Xiden’s main advantage is that it combines IoT and blockchain technology to deliver a remarkably powerful protocol that enables smart device integration. Using the blockchain, users can integrate smart equipment to perform multiple tasks and get paid using XDEN, Xiden’s original token. XDEN was initially listed at $0.30, but the price immediately rose, reaching an all-time high of $60.21, and now its value has stabilized around $35, as can be seen on CMC.

Xiden is designed so that every participant in the network has an active role and helps other participants. By doing so, participants benefit from all the benefits and features of the system, from bonuses to free internet access when they are near a Minter Guardian router registered to the system, and a secure infrastructure on which all devices can operate.

Ovidiu Toma, Co-Founder and CEO of CryptoDATA Tech: “At CryptoDATA, we are developing high-performance technologies and services based on the attributes of the blockchain to bring tomorrow’s technology to today. At the moment, we are incredibly pleased to begin our partnership with Dorna Sports as we become the first Romanian company to sponsor a Grand Prix tournament. We share their commitment to innovation, and we want To show that blockchain technology can support positive initiatives for environmental change, for people, and the motorsports community on and off the track, as it represents one of the most transparent and secure technologies with high applicability in many areas outside of crypto.However, technology and innovation are the The core of what we do, which is strategically aligned with the sport of racing, and together we will create amazing experiences at the intersection of digital technologies and MotoGP.”

About CryptoDATA Tech

CryptoDATA Tech is a global ambassador to advance the importance of data security and digital privacy around the world. The company has been a pioneer in developing services and products based on blockchain technology that enable private and secure communication between users. Starting with the premise of discovering digital privacy, CryptoDATA Tech provides unrestricted electronic solutions to travelers who want to protect their personal information by providing them with devices and applications that provide enhanced digital security.

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