Create your own lucky number on an NFT scale exclusively at Quik․com as the 888․metaverse – sponsored by Bitcoin News SC offers NFT domains, which will allow users to host their own decentralized web pages and even change their heavy digital wallet addresses, while the evolving virtual universe, decentralized web 3, and related technologies are still in the early stages of adaptation. Users will have the opportunity to get their lucky number as the race has just started.

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Mining of NFT bands is more than just a trend; It is an innovative capability that improves on blockchain technology and enables users to create decentralized websites with complete control and ownership of data and content.

Unlike traditional domains that are operated, controlled, and even licensed by the ICANN regulatory body. It allows the user to purchase a domain but does not transfer actual ownership. Users are the actual owners of the domain, but the main responsible authority is the central authority, which controls content policies and user management. This central authority also creates limited boundaries, which prevents users from crossing them and exploring outside them.

The decentralized revolutionary characteristic that characterizes NFT . domains It is a traditional domain and creates a space where users are the rightful owner of their data as well as the content, and wish to upload it or use it to personalize their website. Third-party interference and central controlling bodies get rid of them NFT . domains.

The ability to convert your massive wallet address and its random algorithm into a human-readable name with the major TLDs available in the Quik ecosystem is another option available once your NFT is minted on

Numerology is a popular belief among consumers, and having your lucky number in your wallet is something that everyone in the digital market needs. Users can now create their first lucky number NFT domain through, such as 888.metaverse or 123.web3, instead of relying on lucky numbers from purchasing or creating a wallet.

What is the concept of “lucky number” in the fields of NFT?

The idea of ​​a lucky number is a religious or spiritual belief associated with a number or number in the hope that it will bring luck and happiness if it is attached to a bike, car, house number or mobile phone number, and now, similarly to a digital wallet using the NFT ranges provided by

The use of numbers has been ingrained in human civilization for years and is still widely used today, and the idea of ​​the number stands out for positivism and confidence in the number as it indicates the luck of consumers. Jackpot ideology 777 and 007 James Bond are well-known examples.

Single numbers have a higher market value. If the user’s lucky number is 7 and he wants to buy the 7.metaverse, all he needs to do is go to, search for the seven-digit number for minting and, if available, mint it. If not, they can look up the owner on the registry and try to negotiate with them to get their own NFT domain for their digital wallet or host a decentralized website.

Advocates assert that having a lucky number alone has different effects on users than pairing it with a number; Likewise, numbers up to 100 will undoubtedly be more valuable. If the user’s lucky number is 76 but that number is not accessible because it is pre-printed and the owner doesn’t want to sell or bargain, they can try 7676. Also, there is another trick available for users to get one lucky number without triple doubling.

quick trick

Users can now get their lucky 76th domain more easily since offers many top level domains in a range of categories. If the metaverse domain is down, users can try other domains to see if they are advanced, such as 76.doge or 76.bored. Users have to act fast as minting is gaining popularity and there are limited opportunities for users to acquire these domains.

In addition, the creation of NFT domains on simulates the ecosystem, rapid transactions and also a quick opportunity for users to either change a random wallet address to the name of the desired wallet number or to get their lucky number as an NFT domain, both of which will eventually affect their wallets and thrive Also their luck is spiritual as it means the presence of a lucky number.

It also has a practical and emotional relationship

Major investors and cryptocurrency collectors believe that numerical domains have the greatest potential for attracting and retrieving people from any keyword domain, each number has a purpose, and each user’s purpose may be different. For some, the number 5 is lucky, while for others, it is unlucky. Perhaps every human mind is distinct, which leads to a distinct purpose for each number.

Users will eventually remember your brand and content because it has a digital domain, which makes it easier for them to remember because they like it. For example, the number 133 appears unexpectedly, and the user immediately calls a website with the 133 NFT domain and the content it contains. Similar to the way James Bond immediately comes to mind when the number 007 is pronounced.

The most convenient and direct way for marketers to instill their brand in consumers’ ideas and develop a global image is through digital domains. Human memory is able to remember events, behaviors or feelings through numerical data. It can be a person’s date of birth, year of birth, or anything else that makes them emotionally attached to numbers.

Every person in the world regardless of language is emotionally attracted to numbers as they not only convey luck but also enhance mental associations. Similar to the number 0101, which symbolizes the first day of the first month, numerical domains are much simpler for human brains to remember.

Now is the perfect time for users to secure one of these rare Numerical NFT fields And attach their lucky number to their wallet or decentralized website, because over time, so does the number of sales.

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